Is your organization trendy or relevant? Hmm..trendy programs or ministries are not sustainable. They can change on a whim. Relevant programs and ministries are uniquely designed to respond to the growing needs of communities. Let’s have a conversation how we can assist you with assessing your organization and helping you shift the paradigm on a dime!  

We offer capacity building and ministry development services to community and faith based organizations. We are dedicated to assisting organizations with expanding their infrastructure to effectively address such community concerns as substance use, HIV/AIDS, health equity and healing from intergenerational and urban trauma. We also offer our expertise in grantsmanship and identifying resources to support your vision! 

Capacity building services (CBS) are specifically designed to provide organizations with tools and resources to assist them with executing the organization’s  missions and visions. It is not a one size fit all or a one time event, CBS services offers foundational support that lead to sustainability and creating more effective programming.

                                                                                        We can help you get there! 
*free initial consultation 

                                                     Transforming Organizations to Create Effective Community Change

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