Nancy Kingwood Ministries, LLC was established in 2016 with a small vision of becoming a prayer ministry and an online resource for women. Over the years, we have rapidly expanded to become that and much more. We quickly recognized the emerging spiritual, mental, emotional needs of the women we encountered. We then expanded our scope of care to meet the other needs of women. We have a firm belief that women with a desire to change their lives can achieve life’s goal with a little help from our friends. We are women helping and serving other women!

Nancy Kingwood Ministries also provides capacity building and technical assistance to faith and community based organizations. Check us out today!! 

                           Bible Study Homework and Quiz: The Book of Hebrews

1. What are the 7 Statements and where can they be found in scripture? 

2. How does a believer become spiritually mature? 

3. Please read Jeremiah 31. What makes this a good passage of scripture when sharing the gospel with Jews? 


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